7 Documentaries on Nature You Should Watch

Documentaries are often very interesting and lovely to watch. You get to know more about the natural world around you as well as why they should be preserved. You also get to see how we are all related by nature, the fight for survival in the jungles and the effect of too many human interventions on nature. Here are 7 documentaries on nature you should watch.

Brain Games

Brain Games which was hosted by Jason Silva was premiered in 2011. The TV show was produced by natural documentary. You get to know about how your brain tricks you from this documentary. You get to know about some illusions that your brain will not be able to pick up, including illusions related to touch and vision.

Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem

Daniel Stern was the narrator in this documentary which was premiered in 2014. The documentary was produced by PBS and tells the story about honey badgers. The animals are very intelligent. You want to know about honey badgers, you can be sure to get all the information you will ever require about them from this movie. You also get to see a lot of escapes from different cages humans made for the animals.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

The documentary was hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson when it premiered in 2014. It was produced by Six Point Harness, National Geographic, Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios. The documentary features the big bang theory and tells about the universe including the humans in it. Computer animation are used to show how big the universe is as well as stories about scientists who attempted to discover the secrets of the universe.

Mysteries of the Unseen World

The documentary was narrated by Forest Whitaker and premiered in 2013. It was produced by National Geographic and Days End Pictures. The documentary shows several things that happen right in front of us. These include blooming plants to microscopic words and other events from wavelengths that the eyes cannot comprehend. You therefore get to learn about a lot of things that you cannot perceive.

The Blue Planet

The blue planet was narrated by David Attenborough and premiered in 2001. It was produced by BBC. The Blue plant talks about animals lives that live in the deep ocean, coastal waters and other broad ecological niches. It begins with a lot of information about the Blue whale we do not know, despite the blue whale being the biggest animals that ever lived.

Hidden Kingdoms

Hidden kingdoms was narrated by Stephen fry and premiered in 2014. The documentary produced by BBC talks about small rodents. It shows a lot of facts about chipmunks, great horned beetle and elephant shrew, which many people do not know about.

Planet Earth

The planet earth was narrated by David Attenborough and premiered in 2007. The documentary which was produced by BBC tells the story of the various environments on earth and how organisms thrive, adapt and survive in them. The documentary talks about forests, caves, ice worlds and deserts amongst others.

These are great education documentaries on nature. Learn more about the universe, the earth you reside in, about yourself and other organisms that share the earth with you from these documentaries on nature and several other documentaries that have being produced about nature.


Films and movies are a great and must-watch source of entertainment; considering the fact that you are even watching a documentary or bibliography kind of stuff, then too the exception for being nothing is ruled out – there always is something really interesting in every documentary that you won’t dare to forget your whole life.

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