The Five Most Anticipated Documentaries In 2018

You may be a big fan of documentaries, or just interested in watching some of the best. Either way, getting a list of the most interesting documentaries coming up in 2018 should be a big help. We have compiled a list of five of the highest rated and anticipated documentaries that you should consider.

Family Dicks

Family Dicks 2018Yes, this is going to be #1 for 2018. Of course it’s strictly for adults and it’s in gay genre, but watching this taboo subject of family relations between step-dads and step-sons is kind of intriguing. Want to check it out? Trailers and 8-minute long previews of this series is available. You can watch it in HTML5 format video here.


The BBC had announced its commissioning of a 90-minute documentary about Harvey Weinstein, a disgraced producer. The documentary focuses on the producer’s life and Hollywood’s problem with deep-rooted sexism.

It is led by famous Ursula Macfarlane known best for the film Charlie Hebdo: Three Days that Shook Paris. The documentary is scheduled to air later in 2018 on BBC Two. It promises to be a definitive documentary on the shocking scandal that began the #MeToo movement in October 2017.


This is a refreshing documentary the follows the Swedish rapper Silvana Imam. The film starts in 2014 during the Swedish election where a nationalist group becomes the third biggest party in the country. Using the context, Silvana’s mixed Syrian and Lithuanian heritage offers an interesting commentary on Sweden and its relationship with race.

At the same time, the rapper is propelled to icon status in the country’s LGBTQ community as a result of her budding romance with Beatrice Eli, her fellow pop star. The status creates a compelling insight into the life of a person standing up (in public) for the minority communities of which she considers to be a member.

XY Chelsea

People were thrilled when American whistleblower Chelsea Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth detention center in 2017. They are keen to see what the documentary showed about her career and life. The film follows the fight for her freedom, and her personal experience as trans woman in and out of jail.

Tim Travers Hawkins, the documentary maker, was granted unique access to Chelsea. He stated that the journey of the film reached its most exciting and historic moment when Chelsea was released.

Fahrenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9 is an explosive new documentary done by Michael Moore (an Oscar-winning filmmaker) about Donald Trump. The title was done with reference to the date Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 US elections. However, some people believe it is reminiscent of Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which was released more than ten years ago. The release date of Fahrenheit 11/9 is yet to be announced, maybe because the film has been shrouded in secrecy. All the same, the release date is set to be sometime later in 2018.

Human Flow

It is a film that depicts the life of migrants seeking safety as refugees. Human Flow is Ai Weiwei’s new documentary that shows the most pervasive kind of cruelty against a human being is making them a refugee. The documentary is a poignant reminder that tens of millions of children, women, and men have been displaced from their homes. We must do our best to help in every way we can.

Bottom line

These are five of the highest rated documentaries to watch in 2018. Although there are many more to be released, these have been found to be highly anticipated by both documentary lovers, and people with some or little interest on documentaries. Our team of experts have come up with this list to ensure people who are interested know what to look for without spending hours of research on the internet.


Films and movies are a great and must-watch source of entertainment; considering the fact that you are even watching a documentary or bibliography kind of stuff, then too the exception for being nothing is ruled out – there always is something really interesting in every documentary that you won’t dare to forget your whole life.

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