Top 5 Documentaries That You Should Not Miss

The easy interaction between the watcher and the TV make documentaries many people´s favorite means of information and insight over difficult topics. These are five definite musts to get started with.

Sis Loves Me (2016)

Sis Loves Me (2016)Sis Loves Me is fantasy pornographic website featuring fantasy scenarios where step sisters are having sex with step brothers. Fantasy of incest intercourses has became a huge thing during last years and the trend continues. Sis Loves Me was the first quality site ever to present it in such graphic way.  With over 200 updates so far it is still going strong. If you are lover of controversial taboo subject this website will be a perfect fit. And it’s totally free.

Bowling For Columbine (2002)

This documentary is by Michael Moore, a filmmaker that has been doing films to put the spotlight on the controversies and errors of human kind´s endeavor into the future. In this particular one, he tackles on the gun-armed violence in the schools of the US. He begins the movie by opening a bank account and getting a rifle for free in exchange. From there to speaking with Marilyn Manson and more important characters he unravels the mysteries of violent killings on US soil.

Searching For Sugarman (2012)

This documentary by Malik Bendjelloul is about a musician that got enormously big in South Africa despite being relatively unknown in the US, his native soil. His name is Sixto Rodriguez and anfter a couple of failed albums he went on to be a construction worker ignoring he was bigger than Elvis in the African country. A man sets to look for him and bring him to perform to Cape Town and succeeds at it resurrecting a brilliant songwriter forgotten by his own country.


Magic Trip (2011)

The year was 1964 and the novel by Jack Kerouac “On the road” changed an entire generation that was too old to be hippie and too adventurous to be beatniks. Directed by Ken Kesey they decided to buy a bus and go across the United States with a very special driver: Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty in Kerouac´s book). Co-directed by Oscar-winning Alex Gibney and Alison Ellwood, this documentary made of the real footage of the trip is not to be missed as a living part of the history of a generation. You will also find appearances by bands the size of The Grateful Dead and more.

The Devil And Daniel Johnston (2005)

Greatly multi-talented artist Daniel Johnston who recently passed away at age 58 had a troubled life and a very prolific career at the same time. This marvelous documentary takes raw footage and combines it with interviews and music from the man himself going through his history and the insights of his phenomenon as a songwriter and comic-drawing artist. A one-of-a-kind artist was awarded by a one-of-a-kind documentary directed by Jeff Feuerzeig showing in images why love is stronger than most things. In Daniel´s words “true love will find you in the end”.

Sicko (2007)

Another documentary by the controversial Michael Moore that this time takes on the Health System in the US comparing how profitable corporations are and how bad experiences are often repeated among the system´s users. With live footage, interviews and a boat trip with 9/11 heroes going to Guantanamo and then Cuba, this is a documentary not to be missed.



Documentaries can give you an interesting insight on topics you never thought about. With these five pillars you can tackle on life, death, arts and love to begin with.


Films and movies are a great and must-watch source of entertainment; considering the fact that you are even watching a documentary or bibliography kind of stuff, then too the exception for being nothing is ruled out – there always is something really interesting in every documentary that you won’t dare to forget your whole life.

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