Documentary Filmmaker: The Life And Works Of Ken Burns

About Burns

Ken Burns is a famous documentary filmmaker who was born on July 29, 1953, in Brooklyn New York. He created his own production company and named it Florentine Films. Under its umbrella he developed several outstanding documentaries, leading him to win an Academy Award in 1981 for “Brooklyn Bridge”.

Ken Burns: A Brilliant Producer

Though Burns was born in Brooklyn, he spent most of his life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His father, Robert Lyle Burns, was a World War II veteran who was also a celebrated anthropologist and photographer. His father’s interest in art played a key role in forming Burns interests, and set him on the path to his future career.

Burns graduated from Pioneer High School in 1971. He earned his bachelor’s from Hampshire College in 1975. It was only six years later that his first documentary “Brooklyn Bridge” earned him an Academy Award, and it was after this recognition by the industry that Burns started his own production house. He won his second Academy Award for “The Statue of Liberty”.

Burns produced another hit in 1990 by the name of “The Civil War”. The documentary was seen by 40 million viewers when it aired for the first time. “The Civil War” went on to earn Burns two Emmy Awards.
Burns produced another masterpiece four years later, a serial television documentary named “Baseball”. The series ran for nine episodes modelled after nine innings of baseball – and around 45 million people watched this series when it was first aired, making it the most watched program in public television history.

Take on Shoplyfter Series

Shoplyfter series, released back in 2nd half of 2016, has been a real success for the creators. It’s also was an inspiration for many directors, including Burns. He said

ShoplyfterHaving seen Shoplyfter I must admit that idea of punishment in the backroom of retail shop is quite arousing. Who would have thought females can be such evil things and trying unlawful things like stealing? Sexual and fantasy approach to the problem is sure a way to go!

Final Word

Burns continues to produce films and documentaries today. His documentaries are highly informative and are enjoyed by people from all walks of life. His usual format is to use archived pictures and film, interspersed with interviews, and his work is always hotly anticipated.


Films and movies are a great and must-watch source of entertainment; considering the fact that you are even watching a documentary or bibliography kind of stuff, then too the exception for being nothing is ruled out – there always is something really interesting in every documentary that you won’t dare to forget your whole life.

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